Sunday, 29 May 2011

Binding on quilt

The final finished pictures of this 'ere quilt. I did want black with small white dots as a binding, but went with what I had already in, which was red and white gingham. Do wish that I had a really good camera so the photos are clearer, but what happened was an accident I swear, it dropped into a bowl of water just after I had downloaded the photos. At the mo it's drying off I do hope it works again, cos a rubbish camera is better than no camera....right?

Nicely folded on the chair.

With a red furry type blanket and white crochet throw.
On the bed.
 Looks better in real life even the wonky bits!! Has the little label sewn into the back.
I have put the red furry blanket as a throw along the bottom of the bed.

Would I do another one......yes....but not just yet! I wish it was a little bit wider so there is more drape down the sides. But I can live with that.

It needs some nice cushions and/or pillows to finish it off. (I have a pair of red pj's already so I already match!!)



  1. Well done! It is gorgeous and I love the colours :)

  2. I didn't know we were supposed to color coordinate our jammies with our quilts. If I had a quilt that beautiful, I'd be tempted to buy matching jammies. Great job - and I do like the binding.

  3. haha Sunny. I already had the pj's they are a couple of years old now! Although I think it's reasonable to co-ordinate!!!

  4. Fabulous! What colour is the backing fabric? And will we get photos of you tucked up in your red jammies? ;)

  5. Its really gorgeous Pennib, very well done to you xx

  6. I love this quilt! its is beautiful x

  7. Turnin' a not very flattering shade of green, here.....why don't my quilts look as gorgeous as that? You definitely have an eye for colour and design.....brat!! LOL x

  8. Absolutely stunning quilt and I love the red gingham binding! Excellent idea to get red PJs too as you can go and lie on the bed with a good book and some choccies and no-one will even see you!