Sunday, 30 January 2011

Rag dolls

There are lots of lovely rag dolls out there either made up or in pattern form. I thought I would share with you the one my mum made over 55 years ago just for me. We were extremely poor so didnt have much of anything, but my mum, bless her, took the time to make me my very own doll. She is made from either 3 or 4 ply unravelled from something else., and stuffed with rags.My mum made her up as she went along. She originally had a stocking face and white hair, but as I played with her a lot she had to have plastic surgery and a hair graft! She is about 12" long and do you know she has never had a name, just called rag doll. She is certainly all the worse for wear and not the prettiest and has a broken leg, but, of all the things that I have made over the years she is the only thing that I would never part with. Due to her age she has retired and lives in a drawer!

 With her one and only dress on, that's a few sizes to big!

And this is one that I made for no reason at all, just to see if I could. She is also quite old and she is called Morag. Her baby is no-name! Morag shares the same drawer with rag-doll. Funny I don't have the same feelings for Morag at all.

And this photo shows her petticoat and breeches.

Well that was a trip down memory lane for me.....gotta go and primp meself up as the family are taking me and hubs out for our 41st wedding anniversary. Hmmm when you write it down it seems a lot of years :0D


  1. Congrats on your anniversary! I really like the dolls.

  2. Well I remember i used to like playing with Morag. When you would let us touch her!

  3. What a wonderful story about your doll, all the more precious because of that x

  4. Happy anniversary!!
    I was truly touched by your story and think that your rag doll is gorgeous!! If I were you I wouldn't part with it either!
    P.S Thank you for dropping by at my place!