Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Crochet Blanket

 I was always put off crocheting due to the long winded instructions, but when I found a mag that did diagrams found it much easier to follow. So made some fancy doilies and then made this. It looks lovely on the bed, but is no longer needed.

Have to say it took an absolute age as it's a fine cotton and small hook.
I have hung up my hooks now tho, sold most of my crochet mags and going onto pastures new! (and always preferred knitting)
So, if anyone is interested I'm selling this now as no longer needed. If you want more details please email the address in the side bar. Also have only 2 mags left for sale, both in excellent condition.
Magazines now sold.


  1. Gasp!
    Please Please Please do not sell it!
    It is a masterpiece that should be kept in your family.
    Even if you dye it another colour!

  2. T is right, you shouldn't be selling this one.
    But, if your heart is really set on letting it go, you should try putting it on ETSY. You could set a really good price for it.

  3. Thanks for that, but, somethings (like children!) you have to let go eventually. Perhaps I will put it on Etsy didnt think of that :0)