Sunday, 23 January 2011


Although I have done patchwork in the past, I have never actually quilted them as they didn't really needed it (and I didn't know much about it then....not that I do now!) These were made during my 'Victorian' era. This one is a patchwork of my children's clothes and other bits. Hand sewn randomly and then yellow herringbone stitch. With a bright cerise backing. It was draped over a table which the tv was on  to hide the video and wires under the telly.

 close ups


Not sure what to do with it now it resides with another patchwork on top of the wardrobe. It no longer fits in with the decor of our cottage. Will put the other one up tomorrow to show you.
The quilt I'm making now (not touched it for a while...hangs head in shame) will need to be quilted and I think that's why I'm procrastinating, cos it's unknown territory to me.


  1. I love it! Gorgeous mix of fabrics and colours. Looks really great. x

  2. The quilt looks lovely, you must keep it.

  3. It's beautiful. Did you use all the same weights of fabric or is it mixed? I'm quite inspired to make one like this once I have finished a rag rug!

  4. They are all mixed weights, from cottons, taffeta to suedes so a very mixed bag!