Friday, 21 January 2011

Monkee Time

I will have to start filling up my Etsy shop again as it's nearly empty and to start off I will be putting a few monkeys back on in the next few days.
So here is the troup!

My friend in US posted these key fobcovers to me knowing how much I'm a monkey addict! I don't think I have a key for them but thought if I got some BIG paper clips they could slip on the top and make a bookmarker or a clip attached to the back and hey presto a badge.

Somebody suggested putting the crochet blanket on Etsy so maybe I will do that  as well.

We had three days of lovely sun which got me itching to put seeds in, but back to gloomy weather now :0(  Still ,I have planted some pepper seeds and they are on the window sill so its a start.