Saturday, 8 January 2011


It's funny, but after reading about gardening on MSE I was all fired up to have a look at seeds that were saved from last year and to sort through them and see if I have any pepper seeds as they need to be started really early. Well, what a suprise woke up to it snowing big BIG flakes (we did have some snow lying but we were hoping it would go)  So that took the edge of my enthusiasm I can tell you!

Can't wait for spring and getting out in the garden again. I do have some winter cabbage growing (never grown it before) and after the last lot of snow (early Dec) noted that they were producing hearts. Since then we have seen a big rabbit in the field and I'm wondering if he has had a go at them. I would go and look but it's too cold and covered in snow brrr.

We have been putting a lot of bird seed and other goodies out to help the poor birdies but the starlings grab everything and the smaller birds are elbowed out. Even a couple of rooks started to circle when it was bitter cold but they were soon scared away and havn't been back.

So here's a painted picture to help you remember summer was like!!!

and some real poppies.

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  1. That's a lovely watercolour and warms me right up. I'm ready for Spring too!