Sunday, 1 January 2012

Knitting the edging

This is the edging that is to go around the knitted patchwork quilt. Have finished all the patches and sewn up into the blanket and just got one more side edge to do and then its 'do I add a back or not'? The neater side of me says yes, it will hide all the lumps and bumps, the lazy side says, no, don't bother! I do have some paler green fabric gleened from a duvet cover so maybe.....hmmm....oh the dilemma!

 It is a very nice raspberry deep red and is a leaf pattern.  I did copy the pattern from the patchwork book, but I remember making this as edging over 20years ago for my daughters cardi that I knitted for her. So nothing new eh!
It's easy enough to knit, but you have to focus and keep counting which is a bit difficult if there is a good film on.....well that didn't happen this holiday so I made good progress!!

1 comment:

  1. It looks nice, cant wait to see the finished article. I think if it was me I would back it, but then I too dont like the messy sides of things showing xx