Friday, 6 January 2012

Overload of Bunnies!

This post is photo heavy of ballerina bunnies so be warned!

Here is a little visitor.....she is a bit shy tho

Here she is Lily the Ballerina Bunny she sports a pink and white tutu and pink pumps so she can dance the day away.

My niece has just had a baby girl so I think she is going off to her new home pretty soon. Here is her young cousin Jack, who is also a bit shy and is hiding!

And out he pops, with his little jumper and shorts he is a fine figure of a rabbit.

And then who should turn up but  Lily's sister Belinda, who also is on her way to ballet class.

Showing off her under outfit which is an all in one suit.

All best friends together.....

Jack has a red jumper but it was a bit to big and no shoes so I designed an outfit that fit him properly and he was really pleased about that!

The red jumper has been put away until he grows a little bit!
 They are about 8" tall with Jack being shorter at about 7"
I really enjoyed making these, they are sooo cute. Maybe I will do some more tutus in some different colours.


  1. Those are just too cute for words!!!!

  2. I especially like Belinda.She's such a cute dresser.

  3. Such cuties.....are they for sale? I'd love one each for my baby grandson and baby granddaughter, if they are.
    You inspired me to do a bit of cross-stitching...take a look at my post of yesterday...heehee!

  4. Ohh they're gorgeous, many years ago I knitted circus people, how I wish I'd kept them. I still have the pattern but not sure I have the patience these days.