Wednesday, 18 January 2012

toadstool house

I was going to put this little tin, which originally held baked beans, into the recycle bin. But the shiny surface caught my eye and I thought, hmmm I can re-cycle it myself.
 As I needed a bigger pin cushion and I had some red spotty felt sent to me I thought put the two together and you have a toadstool (sort of!)

The photos are a bit rubbish I'm afraid so maybe if  you squint it wont be so fuzzy :OP I did put a cimney on but took it off as it looks a bit naff.
                                                       Nice red front door                                          

Gorgeous red and pink hollyhocks growing in the garden. I had some in my garden last year as well!

Just need to sew the backs together and the cafe is open. The cream teas are on me! A view of the window with a window box filled with french knot flowers.

                                                       Orange hollyhocks and house sign.

                                                                   Without the chimney pot
                                                  Back view with apple tree and little bird
I did start out making it with a dark green background but it didn't match with the red so well and was a bit to dark.
I think that I could have done better with the roof....but I'm going to be scooting off to the next project!


  1. that's fabulous! Your stitches must be sooo tiny!

  2. You are so creative! Loving your little cafe!

  3. Its really lovely, I agree the white looks better with the roof, what are you going to do with the green bit? it looks lovely as well xx

  4. Have put the green into my stash and will no doubt find a use sometime!