Monday, 30 January 2012

Frederick Bunny

Thanks to can see why I havn't been able to leave comments. So a BIG thank you for that.

Frederick Bunny has been popped over to my Etsy shop.
As he is knitted in fluffy wool he thinks he is a posh angora rabbit!

With his secret little heart. He is a bigger than the other rabbits that I've made. but every bit as cuddly!

This 'Quirky' cushion cover has been made with calico and cotton.

                                                  Close up of the little houses.

Also thanks to Wendy at hosts a  blog forum every Monday where you can upload your blog onto her site and then have a nose at everybody else's craft work.


  1. Frederick is a real show stopper, cute!

  2. (aw so glad that was the reason re. the comments)The cushion is great! (and of course the rabbit!) Mich x

  3. What a delightful little rabbit, he could steal my heart any day.
    Oddly enough I have just finished a full sized jumper for a little boy in just that colour. lol.
    I love your cushions, they seem to tell a story don't they.

  4. This is absolutely stunning! x