Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Basket of Bunnies +

Up here in my corner of Scotland the weather is still pretending it should be spring! Although there is a chilly wind and you wouldn't want to sit out there lol.

I had a bag of tulip bulbs that were sprouting (bought many months ago) and cos they were in the porch had started with a dusty mould on them. As they weren't squishy or anything I decided they could do 1) grow or 2) not grow! Now I don't know about you but putting my hands in cold, soggy soil is like dragging chalk across a blackboard and it squeaking....double shudder. But the bulbs needed to be planted before I had my own fungus farm, so with gritted teeth I got my trowel and put my gloves on. These would protect me from claggy soil (another shudder) I thought, but, have you ever tried putting in bulbs with thick, clumsy gloves on....well you can't. So in the end had to gingerly push said bulb into the hole, well they all got planted and then I rushed in to plunge my hands into hot water.....ohh the relief! If the little blighters don't come up I will dig them up and do a dance on them!!

Anyway, on the inside of my little cottage I've taken some pictures of a bunch of bunnies + 1. Who is the + 1 well it's a little monkey.....he's supposed to be a monkey, HH thought it was a bear and s-i-law half glanced up and said a hippo. (but what does he know, as you may remember, he's the one that sits on brand new cushions!) I thought he looked rather sweet so included him in the photo shoot as he would have felt left out and we can't be having pouty faces all day, now can we?

And here is Babs the Ballerina doing a ballet thingy with one leg! She has her admiring audience.
                                     Her little heart is sewn onto her leotard underneath her ballet skirt.

Well must get on, so cheery pip.


  1. OOh Babs is too cute and a very good dancer lol!

  2. They're so sweet and Babs is adorable.

  3. If I can tell it's a monkey everyone else must be blind!

    The bunnies are super sweet. And thus you have a basket of sweets LOL

  4. Yuck to getting your hands in cold wet soil. That would not be MY thing either. But good for you.
    Now...the bunnies and I certainly think that looks like a monkey are adorable! And the ballerina is awesome!

  5. I must admit, I found a bag of bulbs but I put them in pot on the kitchen windowsill, I was too much of a wimp to go outside!
    I love the monkey, and the ballet skirt is just adorable. Oh, and claggy is my favourite word!

  6. He looks just like a monkey to me ... and very cute too, as are all the bunnies, and of course Babs :D

  7. What a gorgeous basket of bunnies!

    It will be worth the few mins of horror rummaging in the soil when the flowers are filling your home with colour and perfume.

  8. Oh you are a woman after my own heart! I have filed away the pouty faces remark for future use as it will make my children giggle, and I love Babs going through her paces for her admiring audience! (I am fine on the hands in the earth front though but not in sub-zero temperatures!)

  9. I have always wanted bulbs in our garden but dont think we would get the benefit from them as I cant sit out unless the weather is warm and we cant see our garden from the house without going out there. I love all your bunnies and the little monkey, they are gorgeous xx

  10. Gorgeous gorgeous bunnies, I love them all together in the basket... looks like they might get up to mischief!