Friday, 30 December 2011

Red sampler cushion

Yes, Dear Readers, I know I said I had done my last  cushion, but as I was searching through my stuff looking for something else, I came across the red cross stitch sampler that was made a long while ago.

 Having all the materials needed to make it into a cushion it would have been silly to have stuffed it back into
 the drawer wouldn't it!                                                                                                                                                                                                    
When I was originally sewing it, I did think of turning it into a  picture, but as I was on a cushion mission here it is.
The back which is my favourite envelope style and with a little label to complete the look.

                                         Final resting place, ontop of my bed.

And that IS the last cushion.......for this year!!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous.....but looks like a lot of work.......worth it, though, eh?

  2. Wow you have done it again .... beautiful .... Happy New Year xx

  3. LOL! "for this year"! Lucky for you, it will soon be a new year. Your cushion is Beautiful!! Happy New Year.

  4. So gorgeous! I love the way the back of your cushion is a design I'd shout from the rooftops if I could make something as good as that lol!