Thursday, 23 February 2012

Vet's Letter

Here is the letter I sent to the vet after getting the email advertising neutering services for bunnies.
Thank you for your recent mail.
I have quite a number of rabbits and I wondered if there was a discount
for bulk as it seems to be quite  pricey?

As these are knitted bunnies I wondered if their stuffing would interfere with
the procedure at all. As you can see from the photos Frederick is quite a big lad
for a knitted rabbit and he is understanably got very nervous when I read the
unsolicited email out to him and his family. 
Also, you can see from the photo he is quite a looker and a strapping lad. His cousins are really pretty, in the photo they are just heading off to their dance school.(the photo doesn't give give them justice to how pretty they are)

If I can set the rabbit family's mind at rest that you want be coming to castrate them
they will be able to sleep tonight and I will be able to get a good night's rest. I will be handing out copius amounts of hot carrot soup for a long time to come. 

for and on behalf of
Frederick, Pippa and Phillipa and family
Reply from THE VET
Thank you for the lovely photos and the witty reply. I do hope we haven't caused too much stress to Frederick and family. They look like very well behaved rabbits that are probably very health conscious and attend the family planning clinic. As such, we won't have to worry them further.
I can take you off the mail list, but to be honest, I'm hoping for another witty reply next month and would much prefer not to. Would you mind if I posted your reply & the photos on there?
Many thanks
The Vet
Tickled me anyway. I sent him a couple of photos of the bunnies! I've said he can use my comments on his mailing list!


  1. ROFL! Love it! Also love the fact they took the time to reply to you :D

  2. Haaaaaaaa! Hilarious, the both of you!
    I think all vets must have a great sense of humour....our bills are always a joke, anyhoo! :)
    p.s. Would you consider taking off the troublesome new word's a right pain!

  3. Ah a friendship may blossom!

  4. It's great when you come across people with an equally great sense of humour! Brill!
    Kandi x

  5. Hilarious! Glad he was such a good sport about it!

  6. Brilliant! You never know where this could lead - a whole new sales outlet!!
    Jo x

  7. I love it! Shame he didn't add a large order of bunnies to decorate the vets waiting room (although Frederick may have been reluctant to go...)

  8. Great bit of friendly banter there P

  9. Hilarious! Happy to see you at Tangled Happy this week. Happy Saturday!