Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Phillipa Ballerina

Another one of the Bunny clan!
Little Phillipa rabbit has a lovely wide net tutu and she is wearing her favourite hot pink cabled top which again matches the ballet shoes. Us girls have to have matching accessories!

Phillipa and her sister Pippa are going to be making up a dance together, Rabbit White and Rabbit Red. It's sure to be a big theatre hit. The rest of the family are all involved and they will be the rest of the cast. The ticket price is very reasonable....any vegetable is acceptable as payment. (no chilies thank you)

I was going to add some more photos of other stuff I've been upto but the blog is not allowing any more photos for some reason and H.Honcho isn't here to see what's wrong. Oh well, you have all been spared an ordeal of my ramblings haha.

Till next time then.


  1. I love her snuggly sweater!

  2. I do love your stories about your beautiful knitted characters! My 10 year old son has been reading your posts over my shoulder and told me to write how much he likes them too!

  3. She is too too cute! I think knitted bunny dolls are such a cute idea!

  4. your ballet bunnies are adorable!