Thursday, 9 February 2012

Birds and Spring

The birds are tweeting merrily away outside. Usually they save such enthusiasm for spring, but, it's so mild up here in our part of Scotland that no wonder they are so happy!

And following on from that here is the birdies that I have been making. What I thought was going to be a quick make turned into a bit of a nightmare. The birds were easy to make and the pattern is from here but the cage was blooming hard.

 The Love birds have 2 babies and 3 eggs so they will be kept busy...haha. I have a geranium that has held on all over the winter and looks quite nice with the cage. In springtime wouldn't they look lovely sitting amidst loads of geraniums of all colours (they are one of my favourite flowers, but HH doesn't like them inside as he says they I say don't touch them then! As it's only when they are moved around they let of that smell) For some reason they don't grow very well in our garden so I put lots in the porch.

Anyway, here is the back view. The pattern doesn't have any wings so I added them and also a 'proper' beak.

                       Here they are hanging up. There is two hearts dangling down.

         There is a little cuckoo in the nest which has since been removed as I wasnt very keen on it. (the pink one)

So this is what I've been upto this week. I went from my original plan..... to undoing the whole thing, then making another, then re-thinking again, fiddling around, messing around and trying it with one bird, but she looked so sad and lonely by hereself so she had to have her husband in on the photo shoot! Which also meant more fiddling around to make room for him. So here they are cuddled up together. Mr and Mrs LuvDuv.

There is another smaller, brighter one in the pipeline. I wonder if that will go to plan or bottoms up!!
Also am doing something with wood, pinched from HH wood pile that he lovingly cuts for the stove. But now I'm off for a cuppa and to recuperate. So see you soon.....I hope


  1. Wow! That looks amazing! What a gorgeous project and a real achievement!

  2. Its brilliant, I absolutely love it, well done xx

  3. Beautiful as ever P, love the fabric

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. It's just so cute.

  5. Ohhh..that is just darling!! Great job in them!!

  6. Oh how sweet, perfect for spring - our part of Scotland is also exceptionally mild and there seem to be lots of snowdrops out which always makes things look a little cheerier

  7. Those birds would look lovely hung in the corner of the room. They'd certainly make a unique talking point. Well done!