Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Made me laugh!

Just a an unsolicited email from a vet practise.
What was it advertising?  The prices for neutering your rabbits.
All the bunnies in the basket quickly crossed their legs and stood shaking.
I quickly reassured them that as they are knitted it didn't apply to them and to carry on dancing!

Funny how these people can 'track' words. I've often seen adverts on the top
of my mail page but I've never clicked on them.
Well best get the bunnies tucked up and give them a hot carrot drink to calm them down.

Have been doing some painting this week. It involves glue (which I hate getting on my fingers and I always do) paint, fabric and wood.....nearly finished and if all goes well will show you soon.
Cheery pip for now.


  1. Hahahah you should take them up on their offer just to see their faces!

  2. Oh, make sure you they are safely tucked up, under their little duvets, just in case....poor little things must have been traumatised! Haaa!

  3. Very funny!! Poor little bunnies - what a trauma.

  4. LOL! Maybe you should reply with some pics of your bunnies and ask if they do discounts?

    Mdison xxx

  5. I don't know how to paint without being messy, I've just been working with glue and ink with lots of hot soapy water afterwards.
    Your bunnies look so sweet, I love their little outfits.

    Jan x

  6. The vision was priceless, thank you!

  7. Gracious! That'll teach those rabbits to misbehave! Looking forward to seeing your new piece.

  8. HaHa Thanks for making me laugh today! Your bunnies are absolutely adorable!!

  9. I love these little bunnies - so cute!