Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Going to the Ballet

Now Belinda has gone to her new home her sisters were just waiting in the wings to show you their dancing!
First up is Babs, she opted for a brighter pink bow to show off her ears and her ballet shoes.

Balancing on her toes to the music of 'Sleeping Rabbit' which is her favourite dance.

                                            Doing the splits....ouch rather you than me Babs!

  With one of her brothers and ballet partner Brendan (who would rather be doing breakdancing) You might have seen them in Dancing on Grass which was a sellout. It was in the meadow next to the farmers carrot field, so a great feast afterwards was had by all as there was carrot cake, carrot wine, fried/baked carrots with a hint of mint  and carrot chips.  It's a pity that you missed it all :0D

Next up is Alison one of Babs many, many sisters. Not to be outdone she also can do ballet/tap and any other dancing steps you care to mention.

She has a pink leotard, unlike Babs who opted for white. And she likes her wrap around top which matches her bows and shoes.

                                                          Showing off her pink heart

Brendan wanted a photo shoot by himself as being surrounded by his sisters (and brothers) is OK but sometimes he likes a bit of me time.  He has his cabled jumper and matching jumper and shoes.

                                                         Showing you his little heart.

Side view showing you the little red 'buttons' on his shoes which match his favourite scarf.

They are all going to go hopitty hop over to my Etsy shop, and hopefully they will be dancing in someone elses house very soon :0D

Just altered Bab's eyes slightly


  1. These are so sweet. I can imagine them being a children's show on the tele with their antics xx

  2. A bit of a late visit from Handmade Monday, these are adorable! Love the little wrap around cardi like real ballerinas.
    Jo x

  3. So cute! (I've chosen you as one of my Liebster picks - pop over to my blog for further info - Mich x)

  4. Good gracious - you have been busy, and these are all adorable! I confess I would have loved to see Dancing on Grass!

  5. what a brilliant collection of rabbits and ohhhhhh so cute