Wednesday, 21 December 2011


A few years ago I went to a painting class to try and learn watercolours. This was my first ever attempt. Being a cheapskate and not wanting to purchase proper watercolour paper, I bought some cheapo paper to start off with. Have to say that was a big mistake, you cant see it very well in the photo but it's quite grainy and didn't take the paint very well so I ditched that paper and got some big girl stuff!

I then became obsessed with pansies and trying to catch their friendly little faces. I did so many the teacher got fed up with me. :0D

These are the two that are the last ones I did before I threw in the towel and not painted a pansy since. I'm always saying practise, practise but dont always use that advise meself!!

    I really must dust off my paint brushes and have a splosh around as I havn't touched them for ages. So many little time.

   Anyway be careful out never know who's watching :0D


  1. Wow, the paintings are lovely, you are so talented in so many ways xx

  2. They look lovely, but then all your pantings and sewing materpieces always do. I've just been catching uo with your blog and those cushions are to die for, they are absolutely beautiful, I love your little house pictures.

  3. Lovely paintings! The tomatoes are my favourite. Wishing you all the best for the New Year.
    Teresa x

  4. is there no end to your talents?