Thursday, 1 December 2011

Quirky Quilt Patch

What does one do when the electric is switched off for the whole day?(We were given prior warning that the power would be off due to repairs)
  Normally  that day would have been filled with cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing etc etc.......NOT! haha
 But I was going to use the sewing machine. Still not one to be outwitted I carried on with my knitted quilt which only requires me and two needles! But I had to make a label for when it's finished....eventually..... probably next year.
So here is the label.....

Yep a little house....did you think it would be anything else!!! It's not been ironed yet. And it will go on the end of this (the photo is picking up the wrong shades of green) It's been hand appliqued so took ages. I have to say it looks really nice in real life. This house has some window boxes full of flowers and some apples growing on the tree.

It is a nicer green than the photo, more like the small patch in the first photo.

                                                                         Close Up
There are quite a few patches to go....or until I run out of the wool as I wont be able to get any more. Lots of different patterns, some of which are my own and some are taken from the book '200 patchwork blocks'. It's taking me back to when I used to do lots of knitting for the children (in the olden days!) and some of  the patterns that I would have used. Oh well, the electric has been re-connected so no excuse to sit about :0D


  1. LOVE the colours, The house is so cute too

  2. That is amazing! I don't normally like greens but that looks fabulous :)


  3. Thats so gorgeous. You are so clever, that label is really pretty and will finish off the blanket just right. I hope you dont run out of wool before its the right size xx

  4. That looks amazing you are very clever

  5. I love the patterns.I want to make one! I still don't really know how to knit tho.