Monday, 21 November 2011

Mojo returning.....hopefully!

I hope the loss of the crafting mojo was just a blip! I fancied making something a bit more subdued and feminine than I have been doing of late, and fortunately had the material in my stash.

 Making some sort of pattern and cutting it out. As you might be able to tell the buff coloured fabric is linen, and doesn't it crease but so lovely to sew.

 Finished product, which I'm fairly pleased with as all the patches actually meet in the middle! Yep, there is a little house....well had to put one in didn't I. (It was either that or a monkey haha) This time for the applique house I turned the edges in and slipped stitched all the house.

                                                              Close Ups

                                          For the edge binding I put the linen with the pattern and
                                          pattern with the linen which looks really nice in real life.
                                           The back is a simple slip on with no buttons (which
                                           means no button holes!!)

For the front I gently eased some wadding in half so that the patchwork and quilting has a slightly padded effect. With the cushion inserted the linen looks so much better.

Even daughter was impressed and she doesn't do pink! I have an urge to do some more cushions, I've got some ideas for some different mottos to embroider this space!


  1. I love it! I'm getting ready to change out th edecor in my living room, and I'll be making one of these for myself.

  2. Love the stitched sentiment on this gorgeous cushion

  3. That is a most pretty and welcoming cushion! Mojo well and truly back P.

  4. Beautiful Penni - well done.

    I love the typeface style (if there is such a thing for sewn lettering)

    Watching this space with interest!

  5. It's really pretty, I love the linen with the florals, and even though it's pink and flowery and pretty it's not too girly.
    Kandi x

  6. That is really lovely, glad to hear your mojo is returning... :-)

  7. What a beautiful cushion. I love the colours, it's very French looking. Glad to here your mojo is back too. Jaqui x

  8. What beautiful fabrics you've used on your lovely cushion! You've been busy too - your jars of preserved veg look fabulous and I love your bouquet of button flowers in that tiny vase.

  9. Your cushion is very pretty. All my favouite things combined: linen/cotton mix, hand-written look embroidered text and simple envelope backs.
    Lovely job - long may your mojo continue!
    Teresa x

  10. I want it! You have been busy. you will not have many places left to put these pretty things.

  11. WOW WOW WOW JUST LOVE YOUR CREATIONS i did have a go at making monkeys but didnt look as neat as yours look like they'd been in a scrap. watched rise of the planet apes last night and thought need to have another stab at the monkeys that still lie waiting to be finished in my box poor things need faces and ears. love blossom x