Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Chalk Pictures

A whiley ago my daughter was into 'painting' with pastels. So she encouraged me to have a go. I think the photo is a lot better than the actual picture! I have to say tho it's quick, but pastel dust everywhere! I did it on a left over peice of black thick paper. I sprayed some  hairspray to try and set it without it making any difference.

Was a lovely sunny day today, in fact probably better than some summer days we had. lol. So did a much needed clear up of some of the garden. Got a load of bulbs to put in as well, so hopefully it will be sunshine tomorrow as well.


  1. Wow, that looks so lovely, you are so talented in so many ways xx

  2. It's lovely and I'm sure it looks just as good in real life - you just need to be more objective and look at it as if someone else did it, like you probably can, subconsciously, with the photo.
    Teresa x

  3. You really are a woman of many talents - I love this!