Monday, 14 November 2011

Mojo lost

Have had a bit of a lull in the crafting side of things :0(
Have tried 2 different things (not saying what!) and neither have so far turned out right and I don't have the oomph to correct them as yet.

On a better note I have knitted a few more squares for the blanket so now upto 26 blocks, still a loonng way to go tho.
So no pictures to put up.....maybe it's the overcast weather making it hard to get going! Do others have the same problem?


  1. Sure, we all have spells like that. I've been plugging away at some small projects lately, but don't have what it takes for anything big. I'm even having trouble blogging! Take a little break, and just read, or write, or enjoy the art of others, and something will inspire you soon!

  2. When my creative surge leaves me I try and do something completely different for a few days - seems to do the trick. It will return when you're least expecting it

  3. I'm sure its the weather, I felt the same a few weeks back, I'm sure taking a step back will do you the wonder of good.

  4. I reckon you just need a rest from it all. It hits us all in then end and we need a break xx