Saturday, 19 November 2011

A boquet of button flowers!

There seems to be a lot of button boquets about on peoples blogs so I thought that as I have a box full of buttons and the other equipment to hand....give it a go. Great to find inspiration on others blogs.

This minature vase of flowers was made from shirt buttons, pearls and paper, then twisted with florist wire. The mini vase was the one shown a few posts back that Head Honcho had dug up from the garden. It's so tiny, what could it have been used for?

The pound coin shows how small it is. The buttons must have been in my button box for the last 40 years!
The label is just a stick on one, with coffee painted on around the edges to make it look older, and with it saying Petite Flowers finished off with a bit of ribbon string.
In situ. Most suprised that HH even thought it looked cute! Now the other bottles are bigger and one of them says poisonous on the side (they are those pale green ones) so will need to think about what to do with them, bigger boquet maybe?


  1. Love it, and better still you've given me an idea for a little bottle that I've been wondering what to do with, thank you

  2. Another marvellous way to re-purpose and re-use .... gorgeous Penni x