Saturday, 5 March 2011

update on quilt

Well I have got the backing and wadding on, used a spray on adhesive to attach them all together. The back is a white sheet that I found in for £1.50. Now I need to get organised with a pattern which will be a simple one maybe squiggles or summat as it will be done by hand as it's too big to go under the machine although I know some people manage to do this I think I will get in too much of a muddle.

                                          Close up.

I also finished my regatta picture that I was doing but for some reason the main picture want download so here's a sneek preview!

I have done it slightly different from my big picture and this is smaller but longer and will be going into my Etsy shop when the glitch has been sorted!


  1. Your red and white quilt is gorgeous Penni .... what is this spray adhesive you ar using please?? Sounds like it's worth trying instead of pricking my fingers on pins!

  2. Wow! the quilt is amazing :) I love the picture :)

  3. I love the quilt and the little picture its gorgeous. Thank you so much for getting the picture sent out to me so fast, it is amazing, I am so pleased with it, thank you. xx

  4. You really are so talented - absolutely lovely quilting. And the picture is so pretty.