Wednesday, 16 March 2011

thank you followers

Just noticed that I'm creeping up to 100 followers. I would like to thank them, and also those that have commented on my ramblings over the months that I have been......well, rambling!
In recognition to this, when I get to 100 I will have a giveaway. As I have been the lucky winner of a few myself it will be nice to reciprocate to somebody else.
Teeny Tiny Titch will be the prize, along with his peapod bed.  I  posted a picture of him back in February.


  1. Ooooo, I love Teeny Tiny Titch so I will definately be entering!! Your blog is great and you are mega talented. Sure it wont be long till you have 100 of us fellow ramblers! x

  2. oh how cute and how generous x thank you for th elovely messages you leave me x

  3. ohhh can't wait, you do absolutely awesome