Friday, 18 March 2011

This little piggy

In our old house we used to have some horrible bare cupboard fronts so to make them a bit more cheery I used some acrylic paints to paint 'Babe'. When we moved we couldn't leave him there so the cupboard front came with us. There is another one painted with a chicken n stuff so will have to unbury that and take a photo. Babe lives in the kitchen propped up against a wall in a corner.
The paint has survived remarkably well, although I did put a coat of varnish on top to protect it from spills it was in a very busy, messy part of the kitchen and got lots of splashes.


  1. This is so cute!Very detailed. I love it :)

  2. What a fab idea, he looks so sweet, Thank you for visiting my blog & for your kind comment
    Hugz Fleur xXx

  3. Oh! No! lol. I hope you put another door in its place.
    Thank you for visiting me.

  4. I love this pig. it is very real.