Thursday, 10 March 2011

quilting the quilt.

Here is where I'm upto on the patchwork. I am slowly going around the squares but now I use 2 thimbles (one on each hand) as I couldn't stand the stabbing any more! Thanks to Tamster on MSE for letting me know that there is special quilting thread, otherwise I would have tried to persevere with ordinary cotton which would have led to a lot of frustration with knots/tangles and snapping.

                                                                   close up
I have only done a few squares and it's amazing how it begins to turn a large swath of material into the beginings of an actual quilt! (Its a pity that I couldn't get a close enough photo to show it better). I will be doing the banded strips as well and then the binding which I don't have as yet. Looking forward to it being on my bed......sometime!

Somebody asked where I got my idea for the 'Quirky Village Regatta' painting/embroidery. It was the little houses embroidered on  the above quilt set off the old grey cells to take them a step further and play around with fabrics and I had made some boat cards so combined the two elements. Got loads of ideas for more 'Quirky Village' series! I am excited as I have just got a commission to do a picture for someone using this technique. Hopefully I will do justice to it!


  1. Your quilt is going to be amazing :)
    I love how you have ebroidered the little houses :)
    Sue x

  2. This is beautiful.. Very lovely!!
    Hugs, Linda

  3. Loving your red quilt. Red is my favorite color right at the time.

  4. You have the patience of a Saint and this quilt is going to look wonderful when completed. Love the material you have chosen.
    Nicola -x-

  5. A beautiful quilt! Your choice or colour and pattern is brilliant.