Monday, 13 September 2010

The top photo is my stash of bits for a patchwork quilt (small...maybe mini quilt!) I am still mulling over whether to have the squares as they were bought or to make tricky things like triangles etc, also hand or machine sewn? Machine quicker BUT you can sit in a comfy chair and do it in evenings watching tv if doing by hand. Also dont know whether to add a bit of pale green to the red/cream pile. Like to hear your comments on that!
You might recognise the large piece of red fabric with birds on, its left over from the bookcase curtains (I havnt finished that yet still waiting on the wires)
You cant see in the photo on the bottom photo, but the batic fabric is really zingy and bright but only got 5 squares of them. I have started an applique picture with some of the stash.....a small cushion....but run out of inspiration at the moment to finish it :0(

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