Thursday, 16 September 2010


Pooky asked me how big the quilt is going to be. Well I first thought that I would only need 12 squares how naive was that...I need at least 20! (to cover the top of a double bed) So I think I will keep going until I run out of material so that will determine the size. This patchworking is addictive and I enjoy embroidering the red houses of an evening.
Here is a piccy of what I did today....I did unpick 2 sides of the square as I realised I should do that in one long bit to join the strips up....I think (if anyone knows differently PLEASE let me know!!
Hubs asked if I was making it for sale......but I don't think so (unless somebody offers mega bucks!!)

 This has so far 4 squares and I think it might need a 7 squares strip so it covers the whole bed top to toe.

On a different note, thank you all for all the nice comments that I've had about the bookcase. It took about a week to do. I also painted the inside which I don't normally do but it had that woody old smell (if you know what I mean) so I primed it with oil based primer which seems to have worked. Glad that I inspired somebody to crack on with their own bookcase!


  1. Oh I LOVE all the little individual houses! :)

  2. That quilt is going to look stunning.