Sunday, 16 December 2012

Maurice Monkey Stained glass window crochet Japanese flowers

Well, from a thick frost to high winds in one day, what a contrast. Good job that I had stocked up on bird food as I'm sure the ground was too hard for them to peck and the creepy crawlies were hiding under a layer of perma frost!

Here is a knitted little monkey called Maurice. I'm hoping that he will be as popular as the bunnies and sockies otherwise he will feel a bit unloved!
He has on his winter jumper and trousers and cosy shoes.

                                             All monkeys have to have tails!

                                      Here's a peek at his secret heart.

I've not done much in the crafting front this week. These are the crochet Japanese flowers that I started quite a while ago and added to over time. A nice colourful pile, which look like a stained glass window.
    Looks like a colourful pile of waffles!

All laid out....not as large as I expected it to be as when I first started out crocheting these flowers, I did think it would make a very big blanket. There is not a lot of cotton left to do many more so need to have a re-think on what to make with them.
Never having stitched circles together before that is going to be a bit of a challenge.....hmm might put them on the back another quilt to make!

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  1. How sweet of you to take care of the birds! And I love your pictures! Your crochet work looks so cheerful especially in this cold periode with rain and wind, indeed a nice colourful pile:)
    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog! Have a lovely day!

  2. Those colors are gorgeous! Perfect to work with on a gray dreary day.

  3. Pretty flowers. Would make a nice garland.

  4. He is great, and has a brilliant name!

  5. The flowers are so pretty such an array of colours and Maurice is so sweet love his secret heart.

    Have a Happy Christmas and see you in the New Year

  6. Maurice is just lovely, how can he not be as popular!? I love the little heart on his stomach...a nice little touch!

    Have a great Christmas!

  7. I too love the little heart, and the tails. What a lovely touch. I really like your Japanese Flowers. You could join them together using chains, diagonal and criss cross. (If that makes any sense at all?) I also like the idea of a garland. Hope you have a very happy Christmas. xx

  8. Maurice is very cute. I also love the photos of the piles of flowers. There is just something very pleasing about them.

  9. Maurice is very cute, love his tail and his secret heart x

  10. you have been busy!

    Maurice is just adorable and i love your colourful crochet squares - so cheery - i'm sure whatever you make from them will look amazing :) x

  11. I'm another one that looks after the birds, my first job on frosty mornings is to put out fresh water, seed and fat balls. I love to watch them from the warmth of indoors.
    Maurice is a sweetie and your flowers are a riot of colour, I look forward to see what you make with them :)

    Jan x

  12. Awww Maurice is gorgeous! I'm sure he'll find a good home very soon :-)

  13. The crochet 'waffles' looks good enough to eat :) lovely colours.
    Maurice is so sweet, am sure he'll be another favourite x

  14. Those crochet work looks attractive and Maurice is cute too!

  15. Very nice work! I love Timmy :) Thanks for visiting my place.

  16. O, I hope you finish this is going to be beautiful and so happy and colorful. I could never do this. :)
    Over from Watch out Martha

  17. Maurice is so cute! I too feed the birds and ventured out yesterday to squelch my way to the feeders! Have a lovely Christmas, Jo x

  18. I am sure Maurice will soon be on his way to a good home. The crochet flowers look very pretty, maybe a cushion cover, or table runner, or laid out on alternate blocks, on a blanket or quilt.
    Happy Xmas
    Wendy x

  19. Pretty crochet flowers!

    Thank you for linking 'm up at our linky party at

  20. All monkeys DO have tails Penny! Maurice is a cutie and how could anyone fail to love him?! I'm quite a fan of your gorgeous pile of crocheted pancakes too - I'm sure you'll come up with a brilliant idea for them. Have a lovely Christmas, Vicky x

  21. Your crochet circles are lovely and colourful. We are feeding the birds too. We had two white collared Doves turn up the the other week. We are now being visited by a total of 11. Obviously been telling all their mates where the food is! Hubby had to make an emergency dash to the pet shop for more supplies to last over the holiday period. Hugs Mrs a.