Sunday, 9 December 2012

Another quilt for daughter

This week I have been making the promised quilt for daughter (she was keeping an eye on this one!) She wanted a cream coloured one, which is very different from the other quilts that have been made, and was thinking it's going to be a bit bland! Anyway I love it (I wonder if she will accept another excuse from me so I can keep it, lol)

I forgot to take photos of it being made up but here is one that has all the blue transfer pen on and the start of the quilting. The sashing was made up of some curtains that were hanging up in our old house and no longer used. (knew they would come in handy one day!)

Finished product .With heart quilting all the way around. The photo is a bit rubbish due to the light (or my technical skills or lack thereof!) The quilt is much nicer looking in real life. It measures about 48" square so a nice size to snuggle under.
I was playing around with the applique bit of the sewing machine and trying to do a nice blanket stitch around the fabric heart. I think I will have to phone the shop and see why it does a double stitch instead of single which is what I wanted. But neither HH or myself could see which button to push for that option (if indeed there was one)

 The back which was made from a duvet cover picked up in a charity shop.
                                       Folded up
This time I remembered to put in a little 'quirky' patch on the back of the quilt. (must remove the blue transfer pen.

On a side note when my blue pen ran dry, which seems to happen fairly quickly, I took the top off and dribbled some water in it and it gave it a new lease of life. Now it's run dry for the second time I repeated the process and hopefully will continue to do this until it the ink runs out properly.

So that's my make for this week. I hope dd likes it....if she is not keen, well saves me making another one for myself.  Got just the spot for it ;0D

Need to get cosy and warm for when this sort of weather hits us.....

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  1. That's truly beautiful!

    You're very talented Quirky!

  2. Wow! another gorgeous quilt. Not bland at all. Just perfect. I doubt you'll be able to keep this one. One very lucky daughter.

  3. Such a beautiful quilt - your work is gorgeous. Love the photo graph, but hope we don't get too many icicle days. Hope you have a good week.

  4. The quilt is amazing. I am afraid that I think your daughter will love it so you will have to make yourself another one!

  5. Beautiful! I don't think it's bland at all. One of the first quilts I made was a Turning 20 with very very soft colors. Once I laid it out, I knew I had made a big mistake with my fabric choices. But I love the final project! It's very soothing and comforting. I'm sure yours is too.

  6. What an absoloutely stunning quilt, your daughter is very lucky indeed!

  7. It's a gorgeous quilt and I don't think you have a hope in hell of it not being liked!

  8. What a beautiful quilt. I love the colour pop with the little hearts, it's going to be treasured for generations!

  9. beautiful quilt, am in awe of people who can sew so well :)

  10. Your quilt is lovely, and I love that the back is almost as pretty as the front. Those icicles are very dramatic. We had a very small flurry early in the week.

  11. This is so beautiful! I love your little "Quirky Quilt" patch, too. ~ Linne

  12. That is one beautiful quilt and I'd say there is NO HOPE of your daughter letting you keep it ! You'll just have to get making another one for yourself !! Siubhan x x

  13. The quilt is lovely, I love the little stitched hearts and the backing is a great contrast fabric.
    Love your Quirky label too :)

    Jan x

  14. What a beautiful quilt. I love it! The contrast of fabrics front and back complement each other too. I think your daughter will be very happy...You will have to make another quilt for yourself!!
    Wendy x

  15. How could she not like it, it's beautiful!

  16. I love your quilt. The hearts look so pretty. I think your addition of the quirky patch is wonderful. Have a cosy week, (your photo made me go brrrr).
    Ali x

  17. Your quilt is beautiful!

  18. Another beautiful quilt. I don't think it looks bland at all.

  19. That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it on Funday too!

  20. What a lucky daughter! Your quilt is fabulous - I am so envious! have a lovely week-end, Jo x

  21. I just adore it!!! It's not bland at all!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!

  22. You make lovely quilts!
    Thanks for linking up to the weekly creative :)
    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

  23. That's lovely! I love the heart quilting on it.