Sunday, 2 December 2012

Percy Postlethwaite - Hanging Birdies - Ballerina

I think it's time to get knitting some more nose warmers as it certainly is turning cold enough to warrant the wearing of one! haha

This week Percy Postlethwaite had his last dab of paint. He has been sitting on the side for the last couple of months waiting patiently. Percy was made just for fun and for no other reason. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow!
Percy has a large basket of hearts that he just bought from the bird seed station for his wife Mrs.Postlethwaite. Which is very thoughtful of him.

I have used some of the same paper clay that Florence the folk art doll was made from. Do you like his winter scarf? Just in time for chilly days for when he's out and about, collecting worms and other yummy stuff, and he looks quite dapper in his black top hat. We do get some strange looking birds in our corner of Scotland, but blink and they've gone and you wonder if it was your imagination, haha!
His stripey stockings are cunningly made from bamboo skewers which are drilled into the little wooden offcut so he is firmly anchored down and can't tip over. I am going to put a feather in his top hat but wanted a real bird one, so will keep my eyes peeled when I'm out and about just in case one flutters down from an overhead birdie. From top to toe he measures just over 7" tall. Percy will take up residence on my 'quirky' shelf with the other eclectic bits and bobs and you never know he might eventually be joined by his wife and eggs!

Also this week I have been making another Pippa Longstockings who has now flown to the US where I'm sure she will be very happy.
      Here is some hanging birdies that I have been making. I hang them on my cupboards and wardrobes but they can be put anywhere. These are made to order, if interested please email me at the addy on right hand side. Made from linen and cotton, they can also be made in different colours.
                                             Showing the underbody.
They are approx 7" long, so a nice size. Fastened with a love heart button and ribbon completes the look.

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  1. So many lovely things! Percy is amazing!! A real work of art and full of comic charm, you are so gifted with these things!

    I love little Pippa and your birdies are gorgeous too - they would make great Christmas decorations :) x

  2. I love Percy. I love his bright colours and stripy legs. I think he's wearing tights because of the cold weather - and why not?

  3. Percy is very, very cool. I love the attention to all the details.

  4. Lots of lovely creations this week. I especially like the birds. They look a bit like robins with those big red patches.

  5. Wow - you've got some many cute little animals in your house! Percy looks all set for the winter weather - hope you're the same :-) Have a great week, Alison x

  6. I too love Percy. I love the story....hope he doesn't get too lonely without his wife this Christmas.

  7. Wow, you've been a busy bunny!! Am loving Percy and his stripy legs!
    Have a great week!
    S x

  8. You've been so busy!I love Percy-he's gorgeous and quirky at the same time!Love the little rabbit and the hanging birds.They all look fab!

  9. Lots of lovely makes. I particularly like the birds, and the way they are constructed. Were they from a pattern, or did you make them up. I have been trying to knit a robin, but it is really hard to get the body the right shape.

  10. Percy looks great, I love the fact he's so multi coloured.
    Ali x

  11. you are just so multi-talented! I love Percy, I'd love to know more about how you make something like that.

  12. I think you should put him in the garden in the summer.See if people notice the colourful chap when they come around.I love it.

  13. I love making things 'just because' and percy is just wonderful! I love his stockings :)

  14. Percy certainly is a colourful character. He is very goodlooking.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  15. I really like your birdies - lovely combination of plain linen and coloured cotton - great contrast and so understated. Loved Pippy Longstocking as a book when I was kid, but never knew she was a rabbit... things you learn...