Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sid Rabbit. Bits and bobs.

I think the decorating has at last finished and the paintbrush and rollers will be put away till the next time. (which, I hope, wont be anytime soon)

This week we have Sid Rabbit who will be going to his new home very soon. He has on his nice warm winter scarf and stripey leggings. I have done the eyes a little bit differently with tiny boot buttons. (he is going to live with a grown-up so no danger of littlies pulling them out!)
He's been featured on;

USS CraftyThis is just a peek at something that I am working on. This is going to be for the back....have I got your interest?
Clue.... it was a sort of tablecloth. But you will have to wait till next week, sorry!

And here is another sneek peek.....a little cat on a red roof. This project is one that has been picked up and put down,  just like Mr.Postlethwaite in a couple of posts down. So has/is been a long time getting anywhere with it.
The kitty cat looks like he's poking his tongue out but he's yowling!

And finally a handbag, which was made entirely out of re-cycled fabrics and metal clasps, by my daughter, for her sister, who loves it.
Fully lined and with a zip compartment and little pocket. Just the right size for a purse/mobile/hankies.

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  1. awwww Sid Rabbit is adorable! I love his turquoise jumper with the red heart, so cute :) I'm sure he'll be very happy in his new home x

  2. Lots of lovely. different things. Have a good Christmas, Jo x

  3. Love the blue yarn you picked for the sweater. Bright and happy looking. Great job!