Sunday, 18 September 2011


I had two crusts that were languishing in my bread bin, so not liking waste, and the birds still have plenty of insects (and loads of food from neighbour) I crumbled it up and added an egg and milk/water mix and 4 small
windfall apples.

Next is a handful of rasins, nuts and a few shakes of mixed spice
 Give it a good ole mix up and Bob's your uncle a very nice bread pudding.
Cut into wedges it gives head honcho something to take for lunch that will stick to his ribs!
The only thing that I would have done differently was to put in more mixed spice. All the ingredients were store cupboard items. Total cost.....hmmm about 2p a wedge. (the oven was on anyway so that was a by product)


  1. Ooh that sounds lovely, and a good way to use up bits and bobs!

  2. I love bread pudding, I had a piece on Sunday, had to share it with my brother

  3. Bread pudding!!! That's it!! Apple bread pudding, that'll use up some of those apples I still have :o)

    BTW I finally got the 'Down the garden path' pic in the framers. It should be ready the end of this week. Will post a picture on my blog when it get back :o) x

  4. Very resourceful and thrifty, and pretty successful too by the look of it!
    Teresa x

  5. I've never come across this before but I have loads of apples and a couple of crusts too so I think this'll be pudding tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!