Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New TV cabinet

The large argos TV cabinet which has the TV and pre-view thingy on it has been annoying me for some time (in fact I don't know what came over us to get it really!) it's too large for the corner and has a jutty out piece that is a waste of space. So in my many forrages into charity shops I picked up this cabinet for £2.00
 It has a in and out shelf probably for the old top loading videos so you could slide the video out. Didn't need that so after a bit of unscrewing of awkward bit out it came. I have to say it is very well made and on casters, always a bonus. After liquid sandpaper, 1 primer, 3 undercoats and 2 top coats it eventually covered all the 'wood'.

Side view which I have done in a folksy style and is brighter than the photo makes out. The top coats is Laura Ashley and the same paint that I used for my large bookcase (still got half a can left as well)

I have painted the drawer,side and top with this fake bamboo style. The top has just this on as the tv will be perched on it.

With the drawer.

Tis a shame that my camera doesn't seem able to pick up the brightness of the colours. In fact in real life I don't know whether to 'knock' the colour back a bit with an 'antique' wash. Will see if I can live with it or not! It's funny how, when painting, I always clench my teeth with concentration which I don't realise till I've finished! Doesn't seem to happen with other projects. I wonder if it's because with paint you can't undo it but have to re-paint the whole lot if a booboo is made.
It does need a coat of varnish on next but will leave the paint to set properly before that's done.


  1. That is so lovely, well done.

    Love & blessings xxx

  2. This looks fab, what a transformation!

  3. That looks amazing! Thanks for the comment on my hutch also :)


  4. What a lovely cupboard you have got now, well done, its beautiful and such a bargain xx

  5. Who'd have thought there was a swan waiting to emerge from that ugly duckling! Absolutely gorgeous work!