Monday, 5 September 2011

Sockies and onions!

Introducing Cheeky Charlie who is very friendly and would like to say hi to everyone.

He's already for the coming winter with his hat and scarf and has a little bag ready for sandwiches and cake!
(he is for sale at the moment email me if interested)

On a completely different note, let's talk onions......
Never having grown them before I was delighted that they actually grew! They are quite big (but I don't know what is normal for homegrown) One of them weighs 395g (14oz) so a meal in it's self.....onion soup anyone haha.
They are now in the shed drying out (hopefully I  have done it right and they wont go mouldy). The carrots that were in the same patch are also huge. The lady who used to live here had animals so it must be some manure still in the ground that's helping them along. Not had much success with cabbages/caulis tho. Apart from the caterpillars lunching on them they never did grow very much, although there are a few hanging on so maybe they will overwinter.....or be wild rabbit fodder!

a p.s. to add that when Head Honcho came home he told me I shouldn't have cut the long leafy bits off but to leave them on for them to dry and then plait to hang up. When I was cutting them off I was thinking should I do this but I only had meself to ask at the time, so, I gave them the chop! Oh well, next year I will know better. I have put them in one of those 3 tier wire planters which does the job perfectly, as none of them touch each other.


  1. Love Cheeky Charlie, and those onions are fabulous, well done on growing them!

  2. Wow the onions are amazing, you must have green fingers!

  3. Loving Cheeky Charlie. And wow those onions are HUGE!! Mmmmm French Onion Soup... :) Jaqui x