Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Another Quirky Village.

Well me ducks, here is the finished picture of another 'Quirky Village'.

and some close ups

Tis sightly brighter in real life.

The weather at the little cottage has turned back to windy and dismal. Hope the caulis and lettuce that were put into the ground a couple of days ago will survive OK. Everything else seems to be growing, and I found out why the runner beans turned  a yellowy colour as when they were planted they were nice and green . Apparently it's to do with nitrogen in the soil (or lack of it) and it takes a little while for them to re-adjust. But they are still growing and the slugs havn't eaten them!!


  1. I just love your pics. Sigh!

    Madison xxx

  2. This is gorgeous, I love the different fabrics used on the roofs. It is so bright and colourful as well xx