Sunday, 19 June 2011

I wish I could do woodwork!

Once upon a time (about 38yrs ago) I made a little stool held together with nails. Was quite proud of it (even tho the legs were uneven) till my bro-in-law sat on it and they both collapsed! Since then never tried anything again which requires wood,saws, measurements and nails all together!

We have plenty of room in our back garden (field) for our polytunnel  and even tho it's not finished, although progressed a little bit, I have wonderful plans for making a wooden potting shed next door to it so we can put all the gardening bits and pieces in it, which, at the moment is in our large garage but means if you forget something it's a bind (lazy) going and getting it.

We have a large wood pile of branches and other stuff put by thinking it will come in useful someday and thought maybe we can incorporate it into a shed. Well it's the start of a plan! :0D Think this wont be anytime soon tho. But I'm going to cut pictures out of mags for inspiration and stick to the freezer to keep the motivation going. This is bearing in mind it wont be me making it....but hubs haha. Even want a little picket fence and garden around that going to far?! (I could hand the nails and saw up to him tho) :0D

Here is a p.s. I thought I'd show you a picture of the doodle that I was trying to explain to long suffering hubs about the above idea. I thought he had put my well drawn design in the bin but as he has stuck it on the cupboard door, we just might have a project for next year....yippee.....although I do hope it doesn't come out anything like my scrawl  :0D


  1. Hope you get your shed. Woodwork isnt as scary as it sounds as long as you make a good plan and cut the wood the right sizes. I built my own shed with some bits of wood and a fence panel for the back (couldnt get round the back to put wood on as it was too near the wall so just bought a fence panel for that side.

    Said shed is still up 9 years later and looks as good as it was then xx

  2. You astonish me! I didn't think there was anything you couldn't make! Wonder if I should get my hubby to pin up a picture of a holiday in the Bahamas...