Saturday, 9 April 2011

no photos

Can't find my camera lead so no photo today :0(  well it will give you something to look forward to :0P

For the first time this year we actually had a nice day in our corner of Scotland, (not exactly lovely as those in the south are experiencing with heady temperatures and sunbathing) but could sit outside with a cuppa and admire the weeds in the garden. After a while they irritated me so much I reluctantly got the trowel out and half-heartedly began attacking the said weeds.

After about half an hour could see a marked difference and so put a bit more wellie into the activity and cleared quite a lot, filling the wheelbarrow full. Hubs got in on the act and uprooted stuff that had died and generally re-organising some trees under my expert guidance (haha) And I do know that people love snowdrops but it's my least favourite plant and they seem to know this and breed like fury, so some of them got hoofed out as well.

Afterwards  had to go and lie down with another cuppa and a piece of cake. Bet I will feel it tomorrow as my bones havn't seen so much action since last autumn.

Best go and look for my camera lead then........


  1. Awww I love snowdrops, poor things :) I was the same as you yesterday cleared weeds and like you I've not moved much since Autumn, hence aching thighs this morning. !!!!
    Kandi x

  2. I don't mind weeding as long as the sun is shining on my back.