Sunday, 24 April 2011

Cross stitch project finished.....

Funny that cross stitch which takes a while to do (for me anyway) was the first to be finished! This is it without the outlines on

And here it is with the outlines, makes a lot of difference doesn't it. I also put some grass in although it wasn't on the actual pattern, but I felt it needed it so they didn't seem to be floating (if you see what I mean)
I did have a frame for it but it looked to big so going to look for a smaller one, or better still they can frame it themselves! I hope my sis and bil like it. The next project is on the go, a small cat and the mess it can make. Piccy's later. Funny how I really have to be in the mood to cross stitch and sometimes it wont be picked up for months on end and then 2 projects come along at once!
The 2 other pictures that I did for my daughter have at last come back from the framers after having mounts made for them and in my haste giving them to her forgot to take a photo...bah humbug. If I remember I will take the camera around and see if I can get a photo without to much reflection on the glass.


  1. Hello there;0) This is super cute! I tried doing this craft many years ago and just did not have the Have a great weekend;0)

    Hugs xx
    Cecelia b

  2. So cute! I want to sell my house, buy a motor home, and travel all over the country. Maybe some day....

  3. Hi - what a fun read here at your blog... so many fun things to see...... thanks for your comment on my bag at 'Sew It's Finished"

  4. What a great result! I find cross-stich time consuming too and am always amazed at the transformation when the outlines are added. The grass looks great - like it was meant to be there!
    Teresa x