Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Back again

Hello me ducks, sure you missed me :0P
Had a good time, picked up some fabrics, had a couple of outings curtesy of Tesco vouchers. Couldn't fit everything in. Wanted to have a fish foot experience, my daughter had one and said it was lovely and had nice smooth feet afterwards. Oh well maybe next time.

I can now reveal the picture that I made for a lovely lady on one of the forums I go to.
It has elements of her home town that she wanted incorporated and is now awaiting for a frame so she can hang it in her front room. This one is quite big approx 23"x16" approx. But can be made in different sizes to fit your wall.
OK lots of photos now!
                                                                        Red Roofs and lamp-posts

                                                            Woolly sheep and trees



  1. Fantastic piece of work again!


    Sarah xx

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  3. I am just loving this well done its beautiful.
    kandi x

  4. Wow, that is truely amazing I love it. That reminds me...must get 'down the garden path' framed!

    Can you tell me how much it would cost me to commission a picture like this please.

  5. what an amazing piece of artwork. Your customer is a very lucky lady.

  6. Beautiful - this is my first visit and I'm awestruck by your work!

  7. Isn't that just the cutest thing ever!!! I could spend a LOT of time looking at this---simply amazing that's it's made of fabric, thread, etc. Great job!

  8. Wow this is much attention to detail and amazing that its made from fabric...I'm loving your Highland Monkeys....waaaay tooooo cute :) Donna x

  9. Beautiful work as always.

  10. I am the lucky owner!

    And everytime I look at it, or see it in new photos like these, I notice even more of the incredible work that has gone into it.

    Thank you so much! xx