Thursday, 28 April 2011

I'll have a fishy on a little dishy........

Next project finished.....didn't turn out as well as another one I had done, but hey ho that's what happens sometimes. But I did find a nice frame in a cs in a distressed blue which complements it quite well. (the frame that I originally had I once again broke the glass, lesson don't do stuff when your not in a good mood!!!)

Anyway here it is without the frame, you can't see it but it has a slight silver iridescent  sheen to it which makes it shimmer and then gold relief added around the fish which is slightly raised.



The picture measures 15 and half x 19" approx so a nice size.
Well it's nice and bright anyway! You can see the texture better in real life and the light bouncing off the gold.
Now onto the Quirky Village project which is nearly finished.


  1. Beautiful P, can't wait to see the next one

  2. Oh the fish ceramics and painting are just are so very talented xx

  3. Those are great, I wish I could paint x

  4. Oh, that is so so so gorgeous! What a wonderful creative mind you have!

  5. Wow!! What a wonderful & cheerful painting!! Love the bright colors! You have such a lovely blog, filled with pretty things! Thanks you for your kind comment! have a great day! Hugs & Sunshine! /Sari

  6. This looks gorgeous but I can't see what it is! Is it a painting with an overlay? A fabric? Whatever it is - it's beautiful!

  7. This is beautiful creation.
    Thank you for your visit in my blog.
    Big hugs, Murielle