Wednesday, 24 November 2010

tulip painting

The original frame had an accident (by me) and I broke the glass, but the frame was OK so not wanting to waste it this is what I came up with, as it didnt matter that there is no glass to protect it. Once the paper was dry was a very quick painting.

This painting was born out of an accident! I saw a lovely vibrant oil painting and thought I would do an oil, never having done one before. It was a disaster to say the least! So thought OK will do a watercolour.....problem was that the backboard had a primer on it (that I'd put on so I had a blank canvas, money saving!) and it wouldnt take the paint as its waterproof. Not one to be deterred I stuck tissue in little bits for the tablecloth and then splogged on the red, cut out a template for the vase and then realised I could just stick some big sheets of tissue over the whole lot and then found out that that too much paint  made the paper go a bit soggy and wasnt so easy to do SO another idea and got out me pastels (or chalks) which at last worked. It has ridges and dips in it made by the tissue which adds to the texture. Measures about 31" tall by 22" so quite big.
 Not a masterpiece by any means but its another gap in the wall covered!!
It's a  brighter than the photo

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  1. How ingenious!! I think you've invented a new art method, and the picture is lovely!!
    Teresa x