Saturday, 27 November 2010

Tea pot Cosy 'n brooch

This teapot cosy was  made from a wool blanket and then appliqued on top. The cake sprinkles are litte beads. I have popped it in my Etsy shop.
Still got loads of blanket left so I made a brooch after getting inspiration after looking at lots of different blogs.
As it's my first one there is lots of things wrong with it, but I aim to improve! With an increasing bag of little bits of fabric the brooches are just the right size to use them up.


  1. It looks perfect to me - I absolutely love it, is there no end to your talents? :D xxx

  2. Thats a really good brooch. You should do some applique like that on a bag or add it to things like picture frames.Also the cakes on the tea cosy look good to eat.

  3. I love your tea cosy very much. What a good idea to make use of an old wool blanket. Teresa x