Thursday, 4 November 2010


This is a painting which looks better in real life than in the photo. It has relief gold around the fish and the scales and a shimmer paint that I added to the blue water and the fish bodies so it has a glow. It lives in the bathroom. My hubs said that it would make a good wallpaper for a bathroom! Its quite a big picture and I did another one in different colours that my sil took for his house. Quite easy to paint so I hope that I've given somebody an inspiration to pick up a brush!!

Well, will be without a computer again for a few days so I will be twitching by the time I get it back :0D


  1. Just perfect for the bathroom! Wonderful painting. Now I can assure you that if I took up a brush the result would be nothing like that. Believe me I have tried! ;-)

  2. That is beautiful - I love how busy all those fish are going backwards and forwards. Great composition :)

  3. You are just so talented! Everytime I read your blog I am amazed at your scope! Secretley it makes me sick that someone can have so many artistic talents! (Only Joking, just jealous!) Tx