Thursday, 7 September 2017

A lace memory book

I recently made a little memory book for my sister out of......toilet/kitchen roll tubes! They were squished flat and then I wrapped them in wallpaper to cover the cardboard.
This is the front with embroidery, beads and lace.

                                                   A couple of pages.

                                             Tags to insert into the ends of the tubes.

                                                       Filled with old photos and memories.

                                                                 The back of the book.

It was received very well. Might have to do another one as it was really enjoyable to make. Also helped to de-stash some of my overflowing drawers!

I will leave you with this lovely little portrait of little Lucy that my daughter drew using biro and coloured pencils. (It took over 20 photos to get one of Lucy sitting with the picture, such a fiddgety bottom!)


  1. What a pretty little book! And very interesting components. WHere did you get that idea? Love the result.

    1. Hello Sunny, I had a look on Pinterest and got my inspiration there and then did my own thing with bits that I already had. :o)