Friday, 22 September 2017

Grey and brown barn owl brooches.

This week I have finally upcycled my collection of small flat stones found in the garden and on walks with the dogs. Painted them with acrylic paints and made a collection of barn owl brooches. Some are grey and some are brown.

Now, who doesn't love an owl.....or three! They are super cute and look so nice fastened on a coat, scarf, or when winter comes (and it will!) on a hat. After painting they were varnished to give a gloss finish and to protect them.
I've done a couple of more projects but will leave them for another day.

What morning already, where is our breakfast in bed!

                                 Lucy likes it best when she can have the bed to herself!

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  1. Your owls are adorable!! I've been thinking about painting some rocks to hide for the current craze, but I don't have the right kind of paint!

    1. You can use most paints, Sunny. Apart from watercolours of course.