Sunday, 2 November 2014

Stripey blanket

Even tho it is very mild at present, we've been told by the media that we are going to have a hard winter and so when all my wool fell out the craft cupboard yet again thought maybe a good way to de-stash was to make a warm winter stripey blanket. The colours are not in any particular order, just what comes out of the bag first!
I chose a pattern which was easy, and immediately 4 rows in had done some major errors and had somehow went off on a tangent and did a completely different design!

I don't know if this stitch is out there already in pattern books or not, but I secretly feel it's my own! Doesn't it look a bit lik a crochet stitch, I think so. This is a 4 line repeat and very easy with a lovely texture to it. I can imagine it in other colours or even just one.

                                                      First section completed

I'm doing the stripes sideways, otherwise they will be rather cumbersome to knit. I would like it to be the same size as the green blanket but will keep going until I run out of wool. An update on progress next time.

Working on this as well......
                                                 Hmmm a cushion cover or a sampler?

My Etsy shop has been re-opened for a little while although there isn't a lot in there I did have some sales straight away which was very nice and keeps the motivation going.
This little girlie is one of the items in might notice that she has had a new hairdo!

Archie has found himself a new cushion.....after all what are friends for if you can't make yourself comfy on them!
    They were both sound asleep. Haha
That's it for now,,,see you next time.

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  1. I love your colourful blanket and I like your very own stitch :) I did think, at first sight, that it was crocheted not knitted and not dissimilar to the one I'm working on at the moment which I began with the same motive as yours in mind - to use up leftover yarn! Lovely cushion/sampler and the little girlie is super cute - love her hair and the pics of your sleeping doggies are brilliant! Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

  2. What a lovely blanket - though when I see how big you plan for it to be that scares me a bit. I like the fact that the colours are just knit as they come out the bag.

  3. Loving the stripes, I thought crochet to start with too. I do love a good stash buster, It's amazing how well all the colours work together.

  4. Lovely bright blanket, a great way to use up scraps. I too thought it was crochet originally, such a fabulous stitch xx

  5. I love your colourful blanket, so nice and cheerful for when the weather grows cold and murky. Well done on getting sales from your Etsy shop too.

  6. I love your stripey blanket. I thought it was crocheted until you said otherwise. All of your designs are amazing. I'm sure you are enjoying working on them.

  7. Oooh your blanket looks so lovely and cosy, perfect for the super cold winter we've apparently got coming! :)

  8. It's a very interesting stitch on the blanket and gorgeous colour blend. The little houses sampler would make a lovely wall hanging!