Sunday, 19 October 2014

Booze, babies and beautifying!!

This month has been wine bottling month and the beetroot was ready and also drinkable which was a bit of a suprise as usually it likes to sit for at least 6 months.

This was for a pressie so it has a hand painting 'Quirky House' label. Usually I just slap a little sticker on . So a bit posh for special people haha.

Ingredients are very natural. Home grown beetroot, water, sugar, yeast. I forgot there is also lemons added. No chemicals are used. I use a country recipe book which is quite old fashioned so no fancy thermometers/gizmos/additives.  Cheers me dears!

You may remember this little girlie on the left. She has had a new hairdo, gone is the long flowing locks and in comes this...

....little bunches tied with a pretty blue ribbon, what do you think....10 years younger at least! I'm now going into the mobile hairdressing business, wonder if my craft scissors are sharp enough.

Just had to buy this little postcard, it made me smile which is a good enough excuse.
Aww, memories of when the kiddies were little, and did this...a lot! Have been asked 'why did you buy this'?  My reply...'Well, you're smiling at it as well, so it's done it's job'!! haha

Another family photo. Sheep are for sitting on. Smile please.

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  1. She looks so much younger with her haircut, perhaps she's off to a dance class? She certainly looks smart enough.

  2. Great pictures - love the dolly, doggies, well - everything, really! Have a great week x

  3. Oooh your wine looks yummy, we have some blackberry on the go, its not ready yet but i'm excited to taste it :)

    Love the bunches! x

  4. Oh yes! Definitely 10 years younger. Like the look of your wine, must have a go at making wine one day :)

  5. Beetroot wine is something I've never heard of before - interesting. I like that you don't use nasty chemicals. Aww the little girl looks lovely with hair bunches and the postcard made me smile to so yes it did it's job. Anita - handmademonday