Saturday, 15 November 2014

Quirky House Sampler finished

Hello folks. Here is the finished 'quirky' house sampler. I decided it looked better as a sampler than a cushion, what do you think? It measures appox 17"x17".
                                                        Photo is a tad darker than in real life.

                                                      Come and take a stroll around the village and have a closer look at these cheerful houses...
                                            Notice the apples on the tree and quilt flapping on the line. Little kitty cat peeking out the window and flowers brightening up the window.

                                          I need.... the top room in the blue house, would make an excellent work room!

                                            Good TV reception with those aerials!

                                          Plenty of eggs available in this village.

                                          The sun is peeking through so looks like it's going to be a bright day.

                                                      .....and it certainly is.

                                               and back to the begining. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

I am getting on very well with the multi coloured blanket and nearly finished the second strip, so maybe it might be in time for this winter and not the next one! Anyway Archie has his beady eyes on it for a possible snuggle blanket for himself.....I think not! There are a couple of unfinished projects littered around the house that need to be finished if I can find that elusive craft mojo!!

Logan (who belongs to daughter) is getting just to cute, now 5 months old. (Those black eyes) I think if he wasn't he'd be in the dog house before now! Archie (he's dad) likes to rough and tumble with him and teaches him how to bury a bone and other doggy behaviour.
Don't bark at the postman, give him a smile then he just might give you a biscuit. Haha.

Until next time keep on crafting.

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  1. Very nice! We visited a very colorful village in Nova Scotia, and I thought of your quirky colorful seaside villages.

  2. I love your sampler. Is it your own design or from a pattern? #handmadeMonday

    1. Hi Louisa, These are my designs made up in my head :o)

  3. How beautiful, I love all the details. Your work is just gorgeous.

  4. Aww i love your quirky houses! All the little details are so fun and i love the cheery colours and patterns :) x

  5. A fabulous sampler, I love all the different fabrics and patterns you've used and all the little details too.

  6. Oh I love the sampler, it's got all the cheery colours you could possibly want to brighten up a grey Monday morning!

  7. I think it would be ideal as a cushion or a sampler, it is wonderfully quirky! Those two little dogs are soooo cute :)

  8. Wow love your quirky house quilt and Logan is just too cute. Those doggy eyes just make you melt and they get away with murder.

  9. You have made a beautiful Quirky House Sampler. I love the colors.
    Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  10. You are sew talented, I just love your adorable houses xx